About Sabrina

photo credit Angela Brinskele

In her latest incarnation, Sabrina Matthews works as a freelance editor from the one clean spot on her desk. Her dog thinks her job is actually to walk him along the Chesapeake Bay, where he never lets her take his picture, but does occasionally allow her to try manipulating lens flares on her iPhone. Sabrina is a world traveler, SCUBA diver, and opera buff (in no particular order).

Previously known as a wildly famous openly lesbian stand-up comic, Sabrina’s comedy career began at Josie’s Juice Joint in San Francisco, from whence her absurd take on everyday life and witty anecdotal style took her to the doughnut shops and dude-speak of Los Angeles, to clubs, colleges, and festivals around the United States (favoring the crowds of the Emerald City, St. Louis, and any town in which you could get cheese curds), to Sydney, Australia, and the UK (which she liked better the further north she went—her all-time favorite club is a basement in Edinburgh). Her international television credits include her own hilarious half-hour comedy special, “Comedy Central Presents Sabrina Matthews.”

Sabrina is also a co-host of the Iceblink podcast, in which she and Stina Rós interview experts to find everyday ways to be green. #AttainableSustainable

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